Saturday, January 13, 2007


I got an email yesterday from a secretary at the PhD program that granted me an on-campus interview. She is arranging the meetings with the professor who asked me for the interview and two co-Directors of the PhD program. She mentioned that the Senior Associate Dean of Enrollment Management would also like to meet me. I am not surprised at the meeting with the two co-Directors, but I am wondering why meeting with the staff at Enrollment Management. Does this sound sort of like meeting with HR in addition to the future supervisor during a job interview? this reminds me of my job hunting and interviews in the US six years ago.

I will meet another professor I am in touch with the first thing in the morning that day. She is the instructor of my friend who just got his PhD last fall. She has reviewed my PS and CV and gave me a very positive comment. I hope she will give me some advice and even tips about the interview.


854141 said...
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dj said...

Good to see positive progress in your application. All the best for all your interviews!