Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Mistakes I Have Made in My Applications

I made many mistakes in my applications. This article is to summarize them.

Schools at level A:
University W: Application completed
University B: Application completed
University G: Advised by the professor to retake GMAT, but I didn't do so.

Schools at level B:
University R: A minor mistake in the PS; TOEFL is required, which I have scheduled to take in April. Not sure if the school is willing to wait for my score.
University S: Application completed
University C: Informed by the school that the evaluation forms, which I had not attached to my referees, along with the recommendation letters are required.

Schools at level C:
University F: The school's name was misplaced on the recommendation letter for the other school.
University I: Application completed
University D: Application completed

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