Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Progress of School C

The professor I have been in contact with asked me for my resume and PS last week. I supposed that he had not reviewed my application, that he had not been on the admissions committee, or that the committee review had not started yet.

After I emailed him the documents, he replied to me, "I sent an email to the head of the PhD program speaking about our correspondence, saying that you were a very strong candidate and that the timing was good. I should have a chance to talk with him before any decision."

A couple of hours later, he sent another email to me, "It would make sense for us to have a conversation on the phone at some point. My home phone is XXXXXXXXX...."

I took his letters as a positive sign but tried not to be over-optimistic. After all, the official decision is made by the admissions committee rather than a single professor.

Progress of School F

I got an email from a professor on the admissions committee. He would like to know the progress of my application to other schools and my interest in the school's program relative to others before the admissions committee makes a "short list" in one or two weeks. I guess that I am already on its "short list." The school is not very famous and renowned by many applicants, and the field I am applying to is not open to application every year. To sum up, I think that my chance of getting into this school is high. After I replied to the professor, he emailed me again, saying that he will contact me again after the admissions committee reconvenes.

Well, I hope that these signs will bring me luck and do get me into these schools, not a dream.

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Nice to see the progress.