Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unexpected email

This morning I got an email from the professor whom I sent an email on Oct. 1st. I had not heard from him until this morning. I was very surprised. He said, "I would encourage you to apply first. XXXX related research is still in its infancy and there is a lot opportunities. Good luck."

I have already submitted my application to this school one month ago and have no idea about why he replied to me at this time, three months after my email to him, especially as the only possitive word in his email is "encourage". Does it mean that he is interested in me? I am also curious about why he kept my email for three months. This professor is the one I would like to work under most during my PhD study, but the average GMAT at this school is a bit higher than my score. Since I emailed him and got no reply in Oct., I had already put this school on my "waiting list" as I had no clue about my chance of getting in. All of a sudden, I got his email today, making me nervous again. If this school admits me, I will no doubt take this offer and give up on the others. Am I wondering too much?

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